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December 5-  The new module is #4  addition and subtraction within 200 with word problems to 100. It is extremely important students have mastered basic facts!  Resources that can help at home are videos of the lesson on youtube type in Eureka module # and Lesson #. You can find these on bottom of homework pages.   This program will help the student use many different strategies to help the student be skillful and master the standard. Module 1 was extremely hard for some of the students who need extra help with math facts and number sense.  If you need extra help use the you tube videos and in addition enter the students' lunch number for Username and Ove.2017 for Password. The class code is RC8F6K. This site is extra to help! 
Homework will be given on Friday and due back the following Friday.
December 11-December 15- Due Back Lessons #3 &4  Math work going home today please look over with your child and help them with any area of concern! Thanks for all your help. If you have any questions please contact me.
December 15- January 8 Start of the winter holidays. I have given many Math workbooks to keep at home. Please work on Math daily either with the workbook or the online sites given.  We wish you happiness during the holiday season and if you have any questions please email or call.
Homework is a week behind what we do in class students should be able to do homework independently!
I have been working on Math Vocabulary with the students. The new program like any other new thing will take some adjustment so, we all need extra time and patience! I will continue to help students in centers and small group to work on Math facts. If you need any help or have any questions get in contact with me! I will update this site on a weekly basis to help keep you informed. 
Parents this is a great resource to help with homework and work in class: