Mrs. Polen's Superheroes

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Homework-  Homework is given out on Friday's and is due the following Friday.  They may turn it in early if they finish it early.  Please get them in the habit of returning it inside their folder on the "Return to School" side. 

 1)  Read nightly for 20 minutes.  The children should be reading to you or themselves.  Write their pages read nightly in their planner.   Then when they finish a book write it on their 25 Book Sheet.   We are hoping to have some million word readers this year!  Research shows the more you read, the better reader you will be.  

 2)  Complete the homework packet at your convenience during the week.    The paper is to do the spelling and vocabulary assignments on the back of their folder.  They should be able to do their homework independently.  Please take the time to check over it.  You'll get insight into their abilities.   If they are asking for assistance, then they might not be retaining information yet.   Send me a note in their planner if you are noticing this.

3)  Please support us in teaching this responsibility this year.   Homework can only benefit your child.